FMX Team Energy Cup Final Round: Team SoCAL Takes It

SoCalPodium-300By Jared Souney

The FMX Team Energy Cup ended its weekend run at Harrah’s Rincon outside of San Diego this afternoon. The one-of-a-kind team event culminated with Team SoCal beating out Team Nevada 7-3.

MikeMason2-300The two teams, SoCal (Jeff Kargola, Cameron Sinclair, Blake Williams and Rob Adelberg) and Nevada (Matt Buyten, Mike Mason, Drake McElroy, Brian Foster) competed in head-to-head individual brackets and points were awarded to the winner of each round. Yesterday’s seeding round determined those brackets. So while Mike Mason’s score of a 93.00 was the highest individual score of the day — and brought Nevada back from the dead — SoCal’s individual victories put them way over the top.

High winds in the hills outside of San Diego put a damper on some of the big tricks and flip variations we’d normally see, and made for a few “hold onto your seat moments” but somehow the guys still managed to pull some serious tricks out of their bags. FMX is one of the higher risk action sports to begin with, but throw in some unpredictable wind gusts, and the adrenaline brought on by the fans, and you could potentially have some danger on your hands. The day started with the intention of two rounds, but the growing wind speeds cut the event short after the first round, and those scores determined the winning team. Since some great riding had already gone down, there was no sense risking a second run… Team SoCal had essentially sealed the deal as it stood.

The team event was a new concept, but after a successful weekend it’s likely we’ll see the format again in the future. At this point the only thing on the minds of everyone who showed up was getting in the resort pool as quick as possible… it’s darn hot out here at Harrah’s Rincon.

Next week the Action Sports World Tour moves to Minneapolis. You can catch all the updates from the event at or at on Saturday.