FMX Team Energy Cup

RobAdelberg3lo-300The FMX Team Energy Cup debuts at Harrah’s Rincon Casino & Resort on April 17-19, bringing Southern California its first ever Freestyle Motocross team competition.  During the weekend, athletes will flip and whip their way through three contests – Best Trick, Best Whip and Best Run – racking up points for their squad toward the title of Best FMX Team.

A special performance by D.J. Paul Oakland, with special guests: Liquid Todd and Kenneth Thomas, launching the International Perfecto Tour on Friday.  Saturday and Sunday will feature pool parties and musical entertainment.


Team Nevada:  Mike Mason, Brian Foster, Drake McElroy and Matt Buyten
Team SoCAL:  Jeff “Ox” Kargola, Cam Sinclair, Blake “Bilko” Williams and Rob Adelberg

1 Team SoCAL
2 Team Nevada

Matt Buyten vs. Blake “Bilko” Williams      Winner: Blake Williams
Brian Foster vs. Cam Sinclair                     Winner: Cam Sinclair
Mike Mason vs. Rob Adelberg                   Winner: Mike Mason
Drake McElroy vs. Jeff “Ox” Kargola          Winner: Jeff Kargola

Best Trick: Cam Sinclair

Best Whip: Jeff “Ox” Kargola



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